Corfu Sights


Corfu town, the capital of the island, is divided into the Old town and the New town. The Old town is a mix of Venetian residences and French public buildings. The whole town has preserved its Venetian style and architecture creating an imposing atmosphere of another time where the present meets the past and it seems that time stands still.

In the picturesque maze of narrow and cobblestone streets known as "kantounia", and Venetian stone houses the visitor will discover the beauty of this picturesque place and will have the opportunity for nice strolls around the town.


The center of the city's social life is the Spianada, a huge park that is the biggest and most beautiful square in Greece.


Liston means the wide, straight walking road, but the most popular is that it comes from the Golden Book (Libro d'Oro), under which cross the road allowed for only the Venetian nobility. The famous arcade with lanterns, now hosts coffee houses, which are an attraction for both locals and visitors.

It is next to Spianada Square, a wide promenade with French and Venetian style buildings, which is always full of people enjoying their coffee, drink or snack.


Behind Liston stands the church of Áyios Spyrídon, with a silver sarcophagus containing the remains of the town's patron saint. The church is impressive and worth visiting.


To the east of the Old Town stands prominently the first fortress of Corfu, Palio(old) or Fortetcha (Fortezza), which was built initially during Byzantine times. The old fortress consistutes the trademark of Corfu town. The visitor will be impressed by the venetian buildings inside and will enjoy the magical view of the sea.